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Our mission is to Engage Atlanta with the love of Jesus Christ.

We will value:

Prayer – We believe that nothing of eternal importance happens apart from prayer

Serving – We strive to lead the way in the community by providing the servant leadership that was modeled by Jesus Christ.

Unity – We will not allow for one church to talk poorly about another. We will not compete or highlight the efforts of one church over another. We will speak highly of other Pastors and Christian leaders and look for the opportunity to celebrate how God is using every church in their own unique way according to His will.

Diversity – We will strive to be a reflection of the entire Metro Atlanta community. We will pray and serve alongside multiple Christian church denominations regardless of varying styles or preferences. We will work to remove social, economic and ethnic barriers that divide our communities as a whole.

Collaboration – We believe that we can accomplish more together than we ever could on our own. Each church is busy fulfilling the role in spreading the gospel to their community in obedience to the vision God has given them. We look for opportunities to collaborate together in service and prayer to meet the larger needs of the city; greater than any one church or group of churches.

Kingdom – We believe that the Kingdom of God is worth building and investing in, and that each church in a community has a part to play. We believe that His Kingdom is defined as wherever and whenever the will of God is being accomplished.


As we pray and serve together it is not our desire to solve any doctrinal mysteries. We have seen well-intentioned debate disintegrate into arguments that push churches apart and create dissension. For that reason, we have chosen to point people to the Lausanne Covenant. A document that was created with the intention of allowing churches to collaborate together to spread the Gospel around the world

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